Don't make assumptions. Patrick Farm is NOT a DONE DEAL.  There is hope. Please take the time to learn more about the issues:

are not our destiny if you join with ROSA.   Together, we can bring change.

Drive from Suffern to Pomona Northeast on Route 202. After you see the Town of Ramapo Equestrian Center on the left, look to the right. From Properity Drive up to Route 306 on the right is the North West boundary of the Patrick Farm property. Turn right from Route 202 onto Route 306 and continue again to look to the right and you can continue to witness the wilderness beauty of one of the last large open undeveloped parcels of land in the Town of Ramapo.

This is the Patrick Farm property. You’ve probably passed it a thousand times. Given its pastoral, understated beauty, you probably never gave it much notice. And you must certainly didn’t realize that beneath these 208 historic acres lies the sole source aquifer that supplies water to a vast area of the Lower Hudson Valley (NY) as well as the northern parts of New Jersey.

Now try to imagine 5,000+ people living in high-density housing on just these few acres. Approximately, 87 single-family homes and 410 multi-family units have been proposed by Monsey based Scenic Development LLC (principally owned by Yechiel Lebovits and his sons). The multi-family condominiums are planned to have 4+ bedrooms each. The Town of Ramapo Planning Department has issued two preliminary approvals for this overdevelopment to Scenic Development LLC, however there are two open issues, which afford ROSA the time necessary to fight back.

You should know that the Town of Ramapo actually was the first to oppose the over development of Patrick Farm.  Curiously, Patrick Farm was highlighted in the Town of Ramapo's Comprehensive Plan as being ecologically sensitive and recommendations were made to consider special limited development in this area for a variety of reasons, which included the protection of wetlands and a natural gas line.  It was re-zoned in 2004 to one acre zoning with no regard to their own Comprehensive plan, and then subsequently in 2010 it was down-zoned even more to include multi-family as well.

It is our mission to make sure that the residents of Rockland County, Orange County and Bergen County who could be affected by this change understands that there is hope. We want you to know the issues that have inspired ROSA volunteers to fight back and donate their time and their money to make sure that we all have a voice in how our community gets developed.

Please read through this site and join us, support us, and continue to follow this fight.