The developer of the Patrick Farm property has proposed building 87 single family homes and 410 multi-family units proposed for just 208 acres.

In the 2004 the Town of Ramapo specifically addressed the consideration for the introduction of multi-family housing in Section  B of the Comprehensive Plan (see page B-5):

Criteria for placement within a multi-family district. Properties considered for rezoning to a multi-family district should contain the following characteristics:

  • Sufficient property size and dimension to accommodate the density permitted in the zone;
  • Access to, and frontage on, a roadway that can accommodate the anticipated traffic (emphasis should be placed on locating such developments on State roadways such as Route 59);
  • Convenient access to opportunities for mass transit use (e.g., bus), including pedestrian access;
  • Location within an area that contains existing high density residential or commercial development;
  • Access and close proximity to community shopping, including pedestrian access;
  • Readily connectable to existing sewer and water infrastructure;
  • Unencumbered by environmental resources such as steep slopes, wetlands, streams, floodplains, or other factors that would suggest that the property is not suitable for the intensity of development proposed; and
  • Location within an area of the Town with a need for such housing.

The Patrick Farm was not identified in the Comprehensive Plan as being suitable; in fact it was identified in the Comprehensive Plan as an area was not suitable and should be maintained as low density residential and that provisions should even be made to force clustered house to reduce the impact of any development on the property.

ROSA members believe that the changes in zoning of the Patrick Farm in the 2004 Comprehensive Plan and in the 2010 Amendment to the Comprehensive plan violate the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan. The developer purchased the property when it was 2 acre zoning and should be allowed to develop it accordingly with due respect and consideration for the environmental sensitivity of the location and the surrounding neighborhood.