About Us

ROSA, Rockland Organized for Sustainability and a Safe Aquifer, is an organization concerned with the over development and degradation of Rockland County's environmentally sensitive areas and long standing communities. ROSA is a community formed group that is composed of many volunteers, paid experts, and concerned citizens. The organization is funded by donations and local support from individuals that share the same passion to preserve and protect land and resources that will otherwise diminish and disappear from our neighborhoods and towns. Together we can make a difference. Together we can keep put neighborhoods green and beautiful. Together we are ROSA.

We are currently battling to protect a plot of land on historic Rt. 202 known as Patrick Farms. This area has survived a proposed golf course, previous neighborhood development plans, but now is in danger of potential multi-family homes to house nearly 500 people. New housing means new roads,it  means more cars and traffic, it means more household trash and garbage trucks, it means more demand on police and fire department, and it means that the beautiful drive and aesthetics of this road which has been active since Revolutionary War times. Patrick Farms specifically is also a habitat that contains wetlands which serve as fresh water and are connected to drinking water as well as serving as a storm buffer retaining water which prevents flooding in the area. Community efforts and support are vital to save this historic gem. To read more or get involved, visit our Patrick Farms page.

Other on going projects include