ROSA is a nonprofit organization comprised of many volunteers.  We have a Board of Directors, department managers, functional work teams and a Steering Committee.

What we also have is paid expertise, which is funded exclusively by your community donations.  To retain paid staff in such areas as law, hydrology and community planning, please continue to donate to ROSA regularly.

Board of Directors

  • Suzanne Mitchell
  • Jon Pousette-Dart
  • Ken Gobetz
  • Deborah Seidman
  • James Quinn

Department Heads

The ROSA group is comprised of many volunteers. Helping to head up the team of volunteers:

  • Suzanne Mitchell – Director
  • Deborah Seidman – Research and Webmaster
  • James Brunn – Fundraising
  • Susan Foord - Volunteers
  • Ken Gobetz - Accounting
  • James Quinn – Traffic and Engineering

Paid Experts

The purpose of ROSA is to educate the public and raise funds to hire professionals to represent the interests of the community at large. The funds raised by ROSA have paid for and will pay for contracted professionals including:

  • Zarin & Steinmetz - Environmental Land Use Attorneys
  • Hudsonia
  • David Clouser and Associates - Civil Engineer
  • Copeland Environmental - Wetlands Expert
  • Alan Sorensen – Licensed Planner (Planit Main Street, Inc.)
  • Bob Miller - Hydrologist
  • Tabner, Ryan & Keniry - Attorney for 2011 case

Steering Committee

  • Noel Fernandez - Pomona, NY
  • David Lichtenstein-Wesley Hills, NY
  • Sarah Mondale - Suffern, NY
  • Leslie Sanderson - Pomona, NY
  • Dr. Robert & Mary Lou Smith - Chestnut Ridge, NY
  • Joan Wegman-Goldberg - Montebello, NY
  • Janet Wortendyke - Nyack, NY