They’re Ba-ack!

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They’re Ba-ack!

It always seems to happen when we are busy, without notice, and with no time to spare - we get alerted by one of the external agencies that new plans are before the planning board. This is exactly what happened just a week ago.

Last Decision: On March 22, 2013 the Town of Ramapo Planning board approved a final subdivision plan and final site plans for the Patrick Farm development with the 497 units knocked down to 495 and still no Army Corps of Engineers Jurisdictional Determination of the wetlands. The evidence amassed by ROSA related to the lack of a federal wetland jurisdictional determination and the importance it played to all the underlying permits was so overwhelming that agency after agency stopped their permit processing and force Scenic Development to finally do the work that should have taken place back in 2008-2009.

Last Article 78: ROSA filed an Article 78 along with the Village of Pomona and the Shapiro family; Judge Walsh upheld the decision, but in the face of overwhelming evidence, would not let the developer move forward and sent the decision back to the planning board for reconsideration.

The ACOE JD: On December 4, 2014 the Army Corps of Engineers released their Jurisdictional Determination and ROSA was proven right after all.  Fairly immediately Leonard Jackson submitted the JD results to the Rockland County drainage agency (with no new maps!) attempting to make light of the changes. On January 6, 2015 the drainage agency replied and asked for the new plans. 

March 2015: As per Tony Mallia the NEW PLANS (dated March 9th) were submitted to the Town of Ramapo late on Friday the 13th (seems somewhat fitting) along with NARRATIVE REPORTS (Subdivision, Condos, and Volunteer Housing) and a new (?) SWPPP which we are still waiting to get a copy of. On Monday the 16th the Town of Ramapo hand delivered the plans to the various agencies.  We got word of this on Friday the 20th. We just got our hands on the narratives on the 23rd and the plans at the end of the week.  There is a lot to review!

While the dates are not definite we have been told to expect a CDRC meeting on April 16th, and a Planning Board date of April 21st. There is a lot to follow-up on and we have a lot to say about the plans. There will be more to come so please stay tuned and invite your friends and neighbors to JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE to keep on top of our updates.

P.S. The appeals for 2011 and 2012 were perfected over a year ago but are being coordinated with the Shapiro and Pomona appeals. The developers attorney has been asking for delays and delays and delays all year long. The 2010 Shapiro zoning appeal was perfected in March of 2014 and the developer has still not replied. Due to all the delays we have asked for an enlargement for the 2013 decision ourselves but that is in the works right now too.


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  1. We must get Ed Day, etc to get the state or fed. govmnt involved in overseeing the town building and zoning deptmnt in Ramapo, as he did with the east ramapo school board. The overbuilding and corruption has to stop as our beautiful county is being destroyed. HOw about a moratorium on building!!! They did it once while I was living in Danbury but without this activity being monitored by an outside group the corruption will not stop. First it was the Ball Park that was voted down but went in anyway and I tired contacting an environmental agency as it also effected the Sammuel FIscher environmental wetland area next-door but with all of their cutbacks they could offer no help? Please let me know if there is something I can do. thanks for your e forts, susan salant

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