Patrick Farm Court Decisions on 2015/2016 approvals

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Patrick Farm Court Decisions on 2015/2016 approvals

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, on June 30th, Judge Walsh handed down decisions allowing the latest Town Board and Planning Board decisions to stand. 

The 2015 Town Board decision was related to  the Town Board’s refusal to require supplemental environmental review of the project as result of the applicant failing to disclose over 40% of the federal wetlands and waters on the site. 

The 2016 decision was related to the Town Planning Board's 3rd approval of the Final Subdivision and Final Site Plans for the project.

ROSA plans to appeal both of these decisions and ROSA and its attorneys are confident of its chances to prevail on appeal.

You can read the decision using the links below.

2017-06-30 Bodin v Ramapo (322-16) Decision

2017-06-30 Hillcrest v Ramapo (1791-15) Decision

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